I have always had a passion for creating interesting and engaging experiences, and decided to build my professional career off of this desire to create and share these experiences with others. I strive to be an adaptable designer who is capable in many roles and have worked in designing and implementing open-world content, structured missions, combat systems, economic systems, and database analytics.


Games I have been playing

  • Tyranny - Obsidian Entertainment

  • Dark Souls 3 - From Software

  • Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

  • Stellaris - Paradox Interactive

Other Interests

Knowing that the kinds of games we make are informed by our life experiences, I strive to branch out and try as many different things as I can. As a result I have picked up a wide range of hobbies including rock climbing, fire-dancing, jewelry-making, and cooking meals from different cultures.


Additionally, I have a strong interest in learning about how things work and in what ways. I often take things apart just to find out what it inside, then put them back together so I can observe what each part does and how they work as a whole.


If you have a project where I could develop engaging experiences, explore new territory and push the limits of what can be done, I would love to speak with you more about the opportunity.


"Working with Sean Hughes has been a fantastic experience. His dedication to and enthusiasm for the project is inspiring. As a lead designer, he is excellent at prioritizing work that needs doing. He also playtests the game and consistently takes detailed notes that he then compiles into playtest reports where the rest of the developers can see the progress that our game is making. Furthermore, he pays great attention to all aspects of game design and solves problems as they arise. In addition to his design skills, Sean is pleasant to be around and work with. I would leap at the chance to work with Sean again on any project, and recommend him wholeheartedly."

Jarrod Sherwin, Game Designer, Ozone Games

"Sean has been eager to learn new things, is able to take the lead on a task with minimal direction, and is extremely receptive to feedback. His hardworking, "can-do" attitude makes him a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Sean to any company."

Emma Trifari, Program Director, ProjectFUN

"It has been a very enjoyable experience working with Sean. He was extremely dedicated to making Aztech as good as it could be, so much so that he learned the basics of c++ to work on game logic. His enthusiasm made working together a great experience. I would love to work with him again."

Bryce Nelson, Tools Programmer, Ozone Games